Monday, March 23, 2015

A Little update on my writing....and other things.

     April is going to be my writing month for the first chapter.    Starting on April Fools (And just to let people know, it won't be a joke chapter...), I will start writing the first book of the chapter.   Let me give you a breakdown of how this is going to work.

    I will start writing something during the day, when I stop editing, and I'm done for that day, it will remain as the post for that day.     I will copy paste what I did, and continue the process for the next day whether writing more, or editing more.   I may not be able to do every single day for real life stuff reasons (explained below)   I had an idea about putting my thoughts during the whole process, but then I may go back and redo that after the book is officially completely out.       Now, this is to give people the great insight into seeing an author write a book short of youtubing the process (I might want to patent that...or something).

Now for the the other real life stuff.

    All though the rhymes and reasons for my mom's health going down are still in question, it's not a continual downward spiral at this point.. It's a bit more difficult not being in the know of exactly what's going on, she's in a safe, relatively stable environment at the moment.     Whether things can be reversed, is unsure at the moment.   It depends on the diagnosis.    All hope for the best though.