Monday, January 12, 2015

I guess I should do the "what the heck is this all about" bit...

              This kind of one of those hidden gem blogs that eventually I'll release to the world like a DVD/Blu-ray bonus.   
              Naturally, it's also an outlet to kind of keep my thought processes on the story.   People can see the little nuances inside my clicking wheels.    

   The thing about Timber's story is really there is no way to present this without giving something that's counter to a true behavior of a wolf.       Yes, they can be trained, but to a point.    From all the reading I've done, their training makes them eventually as trainable as a cat.      Yes, they can still interact, but they get bored with repetitive tasks (I think the wolf may be my spirit animal in that way).    Timber being  Snake Eye's effectively "trained" K-9 in the original cartoon was probably the worst offender.     The more recent shows are at least somewhat more leaning towards a whole Dances With Wolves bit condensed in cartoon/comic time (without the bad ending of said movie).

   I thought long about the process of an "out" without seeming horrifically cliche or something that felt forced on Timber's predatory nature.      Queue the irony of the last sentiment as the thought process behind developing an "out" is essentially forcing an element unto Timber's origin.   I wanted to be able to setup a story that can give Timber a "pass" on having his adventures with Snake Eyes as well as any other potential Joe animals (Polly, Order, Junkyard, Freedom, Sandstorm...etc, etc) without feeling any predatory instincts...or at least the compulsion to act upon them.      

The thing is that that element of the story is ultimately going to be a background thing.    It will be presented by humans, who like me, are not complete experts in veterinary medicine, wolf behaviors, or combinations thereof.

I'd like to talk to real experts, but honestly I don't think I know any that could spare their time to talk to me (and have the patience to put their knowledge in layman's terms).    I am an extremely detailed guy who wants to know correct things to say.    So, I have to do what I can do best. 

In all honesty, I plan on putting in a foreword to the book about even though some of the subject material may not completely match the true world of wolf behavior and the world of veterinary medicine and to review the reality of subjects through various books and sites that ofter straight forward information.     And, that I hope to contain at least the spirit of the animal that I'm writing about, and properly present some aspects that defy common stereotypes.

Speaking of writing, I am putting myself more out there so I'm going to be getting to the first Chapter of the story.      The policy is that I can present 20% of my book on a blog...

Well, my next few updates will be quite literally me writing my first chapter for all to see.

Note, that as I type, I will come back and edit the chapter as much as I feel like it.    I will also do a "director's comments" style of writing as I do any changes to a chapter.    I may effectively wipe stuff out and put it in quotes as I go.  It will be annoying frustrating, but perhaps I can give people a little snippet inside the insanity of my writing...emphasis on the insanity part.