Thursday, February 26, 2015

Importance of proper environment to a writer....

This is going to be a rather somber post.    One of the many things that's important to a writer is to have an environment where we can relatively seclude ourselves to concentrate on the story.

  I was only set to write something every day for February, spreading the "love" of Timber as it were, a grassroots way for people to almost literally see an author type the first chapter of their book (I'm sure it's been done at some point, on some other blog type deal).   

But, that didn't come to pass.

Instead, my mother's health took an unexpected 180, and as of this moment the VA hospital is attempting to ascertain the rhymes and reasons.    Her family history is one that needless to say not something that is working for her.    Dementia and Alzheimer's are prevalent in the family "male" genes (usually it's the males of the family that tend to pass stuff on to their kids), at least there's more of a chance for passing on stuff (note I'm not a doctor.).  The signs and symptoms seem to be pointing to a potential for family history to come to pass, however unlike dementia and alzheimers they pretty much came like a rapid punch.    That is something not associated with either of those issues.

   So,in a weird way that I'm glad that Timber is a pet project (sorry...) of mine and not something that will make bread and butter like the writers that turn out stuff on a regular basis.

   See, I wanted to make writing my "part time" gig, and not my full time one.   Kindleworlds provided me an opportunity to write at my own pace, to write my own words with out needing to change my story to match a "general audience", and well, there's no deadline pressure from an editor.

 As far as Timber goes, well, I still will maintain my monthly posts for now.     I'm sure at some point, that I will get to that writing the first chapter for every day of the month (I was trying to be a lazy arse by choosing February I admit...).      Obviously, writing is passion of mine that I was trying to reignite by making myself post here monthly then do the first chapter bit...

  For now, I have to focus on other things, but I will keep all in the loop.